IT environments are complex, with many systems and components interdependent on each other providing essential business services. Technilium’s engineers have more than 10 years’ experience with the demands of high-performance applications and networking. They have worked with developers, application and site reliability engineers, managers and clients to provide high speed, secure and reliable communications solutions to meet business needs.

Discovery objectives:

  • To define a clear picture of data flows from applications, servers, users, devices and locations through existing networks.
  • To benchmark application performance and required service levels to ensure the right data transport technologies are delivering.


Understanding the key drivers of the business’ communications networks.

  • Cost – a key driver largely determined by some of the communications characteristics below.
  • Capacity – the amount of bandwidth necessary for business applications to run effectively.
  • Reliability – minimising service downtime.
  • Security – how sensitive is the data being transmitted and how safe is that transmission process and where it is being stored.
  • Latency – the importance of real-time data and ensuring data is received correctly and timely.


IT security is more important for businesses now than ever before. Without suitable security and control systems in place firms relying on computer systems for their core business functions are exposed to:

  • Financial impacts
  • Potential loss of sales and productivity.
  • Reputation damage and even jail time.

Information assets, such as confidential employee records, intellectual property, trade secrets, even business plans – must be secured from outside an organisation but also within.