Cloud and hybrid cloud

Companies want to distribute the load of their applications and manage data over multi-cloud distributions without dependencies on head office and expensive direct connects.

Solution: Implement a flexible network software as a service (SaaS) fabric solution enabling any-site secure connectivity, deployed within minutes.

Value: Rapid connectivity and application deployment, ready to use as required, with connection routing direct to the application. Distributed load and/or services delivers high availability as well as the benefits of cost efficiencies across multiple cloud providers.

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Next generation VPN

Often applications are distributed across different providers yet the VPN is constrained to a single site deployment and not designed for the high demands of applications.

Solution: A network implementation based on zero trust – utilising device and user permissions with single use client keys that cannot be shared. Application defined channels for each app with remote access.

Value: Improved performance and efficiency for mobile/remote users – the user experience is similar to being in the office. Internal applications and data are secured from the outside world.

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Satellite sites

Satellite sites (small or regional office/branch/store locations) are difficult to connect. Long-term fixed contracts do not allow for flexibility when demands or changes affect the business.

Solution: Private and secure networking leveraging the internet provides flexibility for rapid deployments and relocations.

Value: Flexible month-to-month subscription options allow businesses to control costs and hit the ground running, meeting their business objectives from the outset. No more expensive long-term contracts. Flexibility with deployments including rapid setup of remote, mobile and/or popup-sites without compromising security or any existing network.

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Security compliance

Businesses are facing increasing challenges including changing regulatory, compliance, governance and reporting requirements with the demands of new privacy laws, information security regulations and ISO security standards. Businesses resources are already stretched – and humans are prone to mistakes.

Solution: Implement end-point protection with real-time reporting, analytics, compliance and governance oversight systems on an application defined communication path.

Business Value: Creates trust with external customers and clients that their information and data are securely protected. Ensures compliance with all regulatory, governance and reporting requirements through automation and systems implementation, free of human error.

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